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Dear all,

It is our pleasure that we hosted YOU at the Seventh International Conference on Narrative and Language Studies (NALANS) 2018

First and Foremost, we have to underline the inspirational motivation and scientific ground provided by International Journal of Narrative and Language Studies (NALANS) and Turkish Notes Project (T-Notes) Team. 

We should highlight the invaluable support of Prof. Dr. Hikmet Öksüz, Assoc. Prof. Bayram Sevinç and Asst. Prof. Dr. Fehmi Turgut, from the Faculty of Letters and School of Foreign Languages, Karadeniz Technical University, Trabzon, Turkey. We should like to thank our keynote speakers for sharing their erudite insights into language and literature with us; Prof. Dr. Marie-Laure Ryan (USA), Prof. Dr. Yasemin Bayyurt (Boğaziçi University), Assist. Prof. Dr. Tzu Yu Allison Lin (Gaziantep University) and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Naci Kayaoğlu (KTU). They are distinguished scholars in the field, whose remarkable contribution, we believe, will be of note for long in the history of the conference. 

All in all, we would love to express our gratitude to those who come from different spots of the world to meet us.

We extend our kind feelings to those who rejoice the sense of language studies as presenters and participants at the conference, and those who convey their excitement and enthusiasm visiting the poster stands and attending the sessions.

As regards the conference, it has been a gateway between Europe and Asia, covering different fields of academic research and survey into language, literature and culture. 

The event has brought together various languages such as Russian and Turkish as well as English.
Starting with the first conference held in 2012, our conferences have witnessed momentous meetings and have provided an academic platform for the discussion of various aspects.

Over the years, we have improved our projections and happily seen the flourishing of the mindset of the young researchers interested in cross-cultural and inter-disciplinary dimensions of language studies.
Once again, thank you for your contribution.

See you at the 8th International Conference on Narrative and Language Studies Conference, 2019.

Warm regards,

Mustafa Zeki ÇIRAKLI (Conference Chairman) & Öznur YEMEZ (Conference Secretary)
On Behalf of the Organizing Committee  

P. S. :The authors, who can be interested in publication in the Proceeding Booklet with ISBN, which will appear by the end of December 2018, are supposed to submit their papers after the conference until the 30th of November, 2018. Please see the author guidelines.

The authors can also submit their full manuscript to  Journal of Narrative and Language Studies - NALANS (http://www.nalans.com).

Submission for Nalans (June): 30 May
Submission for Nalans (December): 20 October
Submission for Proceeding Book with ISBN: 30 November

Conference Program has been announced.

Dear Participants,

7th International Conference on Narrative and Language Studies (14-15 May, 2018)  starts over again!

The Conference is a professional, double blind peer-reviewed international event that aims to involve scholars from around the world. The conference provides a platform for different theoretical and thematic approaches to culture, literature, linguistics and language teaching.

We accept as well oral presentations prepared in languages other than English as long as the author provides a structured abstract in English. The conference seeks manuscripts that:

  • develop theoretical, conceptual, or methodological approaches to culture, language, linguistics and literature

  • present results of empirical research that advance the understanding of culture, language, linguistics and literature

  • explore innovative policies and programs and describe and evaluate strategies for future action, and analyze issues of current interest.

7th International Conference on Narrative and language studies has reserved rooms for virtual presentations.

Authors are always welcome to submit their manuscripts in English, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Russian, French or German. The authors of the papers written in the languages other than English are required to attach an additional abstract in English during their submission at http://conference.nalans.com/abstract_submission.html. Those who are interested in an international publication can post-submit their manuscript to our indexed journal Narrative and Language Studies at www.nalans.com.

Abstracts Booklet with ISBN will be published in time and be available on the website.

The authors, who can be interested in publication in the Proceeding Booklet with ISBN, which will appear by the end of December 2018, are supposed to submit their papers after the conference until the 30th of October, 2018.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Trabzon.

Contact:   oznuryemez@gmail.com
Venue: Osman Turan Culture and Convention Centre, Trabzon, Turkey.

Kind Regards,

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